Six of Crows

The criminal Kaz Brekker gets the opportunity to earn a huge fortune, but the heist is close to a suicide mission. Only the right crew will be able to pull it off; the wraith, a heartrender, a sharpshooter, a runaway merchling, a convict and Dirtyhands. The heist is filled with troubles, betrayal, tragic love, blood, death and unexpected turns of events that no-one could ever imagine.

☆☆☆☆☆ 5/6


Bless my cotton knickers for a ride! I am obsessed with the settings, the characters, the plot and the story. I was a bit skeptic about having six main characters, worrying that the characters would be too flat and hard to distinguish, but oh no! I did not even need the names in the chapters to tell which character was narrating. The characters were original, yet so well described that they felt real and relatable.

The same goes for the settings. To me Ketterdam felt like a version of Amsterdam and Fjerdan like a version of Scandinavia/Iceland, which really caught me. I love how Leigh used actual places in her setting to make it seem more realistic. I really hope we get to hear a bit more about Ravka and Shu in Crooked Kingdom, since in my mind i relate Shu to Korea and Ravka as the middle east

But let’s talk about the real deal that wets our knickers: Inej Kaz
The relationship between Inez and Kaz is visible to everyone but nobody talks about it. When Inej was hurt, and Kaz popped out the eye on the guy who hurt her and threw him over board, I was like: Yeah mate, you alright? Overreacting a bit? No? Okaaaaaaay. Kaz does without doubt care for and rely on Inej more than he expresses. Even though I live for the relationship between them, I digging how strong and true Inej is to herself and her wants.

“You want me.” She turned the words over. Gently she squeezed his hand. “And how will you have me?” She repeated. “Fully clothed gloves on, your head turned away so our lips can never touch?”

I love how she will not settle, even though she cares for him deeply. She wants it all or nothing. She is a great inspiration that one should not just settle for a small amount of attention. She is confident, strong, independent and true to herself, which I love in female characters. I am not a feminist, but daft, whiny, relying-on-everyone-else female characters are an absolute disgrace. Highfive to Inej.

There is no doubt. Kaz Brekker is my wet dream, if not all girls’. He is dark, vicious, cold, cunning, consistent, edged and classy. But there’s another vulnerable side he never let anyone, beside from Inej, know of. Kaz Brekker was born in the Barrel, and made everything out of nothing. But everybody who has made everything of nothing has a traumatic past that either make you or brake you.

Another ‘friendship’ I that caught my interest is JesperWylan.
I seriously cannot get enough of that sassy tone between those two and how Jesper denies to admit that he actually enjoys the company of Wylan. I like the way their relationship is slowly building through out the book and how it is so pure and natural.

“I don’t know!” Jesper said angrily. “Maybe I liked your stupid face.”

Way to go Jesper, that’s half a confession. Let’s hope Wylan got it.

NinaMatthias are the best example of true love-hate relationship. At least from Matthias’ point of view. My knickers, he is so tight up in his rules, his brainwashed perceptions and denial of his feelings (I feel like this is pretty common now). It is pretty entertaining. But their relationship develops as well and there is actually more to that big Fjerdan military man than I expected.

Final words

Read. It. Now.


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